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Liebster award !

Heeiippa taas! Sande lahjoitti minulle Liebster awardin! Kiitos paljon Sandelle, mutta pidemmittä puheitta vaan sitä suorittamaan! Koska sain haasteen englanniksi, ajattelin, että voisin myös vastata englanniksi :D Here we go! The rules come first:

1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions left from the blogger that nominated you
3. Ask 11 questions for those you nominate
4. Nominate 11 bloggers that have 200 followers or less
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know that they have been nominated
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

11 facts about myself:
1. I'm a twin (and my horoscope happens to be Gemini, too :D).
2. I can speak Finnish and English and a little bit German and Swedish.
3. My dream is to learn Japanese and Korean and maybe Chinese, too ;)
4. My favorite school subject is history.
5. I own a white LG L7 smartphone.
6. I use my computer way too much.
7. I'm addicted to tumblr.
8. I like travelling.
9. I'm always cold, like always lol.
10. I love Korean dramas.
11. I love movies, especially Asian ones.

Questions by Sande:

1. Europe vs. Asia?
- Asia, though Europe is nice, too ♥

2. 3 the most important things in your life?
- Our home
- My computer
- Music

3. Your favourite food?
- OMG I LOVE FOOD prob noodles with chicken and random veggies but I love grilled salmon, too ;A; and now I'm hungry, dammit.

4. Your favourite clothe, why?
- My black One Piece t-shirt. I love it so much and I feel very comfortable wearing it.

5. One thing you are good?
- A thing I'm good at? Lol maybe learning new languages, I guess:D

6. Your favourite color?
- Grey.

7. Chocolate ice cream vs. strawberry ice cream?
- Chocolate!

8. Have you seen any famous people?
- Actually, I have. Back in my first trip to London a few years ago I saw Johnny Depp and I got to shake hands with him and even got his autograph :D It was the premiere of Public Enemies film.

9. What is your favourite country and why?
- Lol dunno maybe Japan. And right after comes South-Korea.

10. Your favourite season, why?
- Spring. Nothing beats the first warm days of the year ^^

11. Why you are blogging?
- I like people to hear my opinions on different things. (lol)

My 11 questions:
1. A song you're currently really fond of?
2. A movie that you'll love forever?
3. Have you planned your future? (How?)
4. Do you like reading?
5. Do you cry while watching movies?
6. 3 things you hate?
7. A person you adore?
8. A thing you want the most right now?
9. Is your room messy at the moment?
10. Things you wanna do in the summer?
11. Which one do you prefer; movies or TV shows? And why?

I'll nominate:
TROLOLOL I'll nominate all my dear stalkers! (I mean my readers) >:D It's way over 11 but I think all of your blogs are amazing and I wanna give you this award! :3 Suomeksikin tän saa tehdä :D Tämä on hyvä tilaisuus päästä esittelemään muiden blogeja ja saada itsekin kuuluisuutta! (Tämä palkinto on osoitettu juuri sinulle, joten otapa se vastaan! ;D)

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